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Everyone wants to get clear, healthy, and glowing skin but in today’s polluting environment it seems difficult to get clear, healthy, and glowing skin. You can get glowing and healthy skin by applying ubtan face mask. The best face mask in India is Taaseer’s Faroozan ubtan.

People try various products to make their skin healthy and glowing but still not getting the results they want.

Instead of getting healthy & glowing skin, they get dullness and pimples over the face because most of the products contain harmful chemicals like SLES, sulfates, silicones, phthalates, and artificial fragrances.

But no more worries, “Taaseer” brings for you the best face mask in India, to get clear, soft, healthy & glowing skin.

Farozaan Ubtan Face Mask

Farozaan Ubtan Face Mask originates from an age-old traditional method from the lands of the silk route- Afganistan and Persia.

Farozaan Ubtan Face Mask is a mask that is absolutely free of chemicals and entirely made of natural ingredients.

Ingredients used in this Ubtan face mask

Farozaan Ubtan Face Mask is totally an admixture of natural ingredients. Here, is the list of ingredients used in this face mask

  • Oatmeal powder
  • Cashew nuts
  • Walnut
  • Almond powder
  • Dried powder of Hibiscus flower
  • Dried powder of  Rose flower
  • Dried  powder of Lemon
  • Dried powder of Jasmine flower
  • Dried powder of Tomato
  • Dried powder of Orange peel

This natural mask is a mixture of dried flowers and dry fruits. They help to promote a healthy glow naturally. By deeply nourishing the skin it brings a radiant glow and evens out the skin tone.

Farozaan Ubtan Oil

Taaseer is giving Farozaan Ubtan Oil with Farozaan Ubtan Mask absolutely free because using this mask with Farozaan Ubtan oil gives moisturized and refreshed skin. 

Best Face Mask In India

Taaseer’s Farozaan Ubtan mask is the best face mask in India because each and everything that is used in this face mask is absolutely natural. 

This mask does not just give one or two benefits but gives numerous benefits to your skin.

This face mask makes the skin soft, healthy and glowing. It gives a radiant glow by channelizing blood circulation to your skin.

It deeply nourishes the skin and evens out skin tone and make the skin tone lighter and healthier.

Farozaan Ubtan provides proper nourishment and nutrition that a body and skin needs to stay healthy.

If this face mask is used regularly it also helps in removing fine facial hair. This product also helps to cure fine lines and sun tanning.

Face Mask For Womens

Farozaan Ubtan is an ideal face mask for womens. Women are very much caring and protective of their skin and face.

Women never apply anything on their face or skin without reading the ingredient list.

Women always search for chemical-free beauty products but it’s a bit difficult to find chemical-free products in the market. 

Taseer’s each and every products are absolutely chemical-free. Farozaan Ubtan mask is the chemical-free beauty product that women search for. This product gives you a flawless look.

Best Face Mask For Mens In India

Whether it’s men or women everybody wants to look good and wants to make their skin healthy.

For men there are only a few face and skin products are available in the market. 

This Farozaan Ubtan Mask can be used by both men & women. This is an ideal Best face mask for men also.

If you are going to get married soon then, you should use this product because this product is best & ideal for each and everyone, especially for those who are going to be a bride or groom soon,

Because this product makes the bride and groom look the best from the rest.

Best Face Mask For Oily Skin

There are many people who are upset with their oily skin. Here, Taaseer has brought for you natural face mask which can also be used to remove excess oil from your skin and get rid of oily skin.

Benefits of Farozaan Ubtan Mask & Oil

  • Clear & Soft skin
  • Healthy & Glowing
  • Refreshed & Moisturized
  • Get rid from Oily skin
  • Adds goodness of essential herbs and dry fruits to your skin
  • Help to achieve even tone
  • Deeply nourished your skin
  • Prevent acne
  • Helps to remove fine hairs from skin
  • Remove dead skin cells and dirt from pores
  • Cures sun tanning and fine lines
  • Make skin tone lighter and healthier.

How to use this product?

For face

Step 1: Take 2 spoons of Farozaan Ubtan Mask

Step 2: Add curd or milk, to make a paste

Step 3: Add half dropper of Ubtan oil

Step 4: Now, mix them well, and make a thick creamy paste

Step 5: Apply it on to your skin

Step 6: Leave the paste on your face for up to 10-12 minutes 

Step 7: After 10-12 minutes, scrub it off gently and wash it by normal cold water

Note to remember: This face mask will not dry out completely due to the presence of ubtan oil and there is no need to apply moisturizer after its application.

For body

Step 1:Take 2 spoons or as you required of Farozaan Ubtan Mask

Step 2: Add curd or milk, to make a paste

Step 3: Add half dropper of Ubtan oil

Step 4:Now, mix them well, and make a thick creamy paste

Step 5:Apply it on to your body

Step 6: Leave the paste on your face for up to 10-12 minutes 

Step 7:After 10-12 minutes, remove it by using to and fro method, this method helps you to remove dead skin cells, dirt and soft hairs from pores of the skin and wash it by normal cold water

That’s it use Ferozaan Ubtan mask and follow this easy seven steps to get a radiant glow and healthier skin.

To buy this product

This Face Mask makes your skin Glower, Brighter and Healthier, use this product and enjoy its goodness. To get this product click here www.taaseer.com

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