Rabt Tooth Powder

Rabt Tooth Powder


The unique quotient:

Persian tooth whitening and tooth sensitivity cure

  • Gives tooth shine and whitening
  • Cures tooth sensitivity problems
  • Cures tooth pain
  • It removes plaque and gives you the refreshing mouth odor for hours.
  • It removes stains of tobacco, liquor, tea etc
  • It brings your lips to their natural color.
  • It cures gum sensitivity
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Rabt Tooth Powder

An age-old traditional practice from the lands of silk route – Afghanistan & Persia. Brings RABT Tooth Powder, a natural blend of natural herbs, to brighten your teeth & lips, it contains no foaming agents, no fluoride, no chemicals, derived from tree bark and herbs formulated to help clean & polish teeth, improve gums, cures tooth sensitivity. It also lightens your lips. It’s made with Innayat and khuloos


Walnut Bark, Cardamom, Dried Neem, Mint, Miswaak, and Clove.

How To Use:

After wetting your brush sprinkle some tooth powder and apply some paste so that it can enter the corners properly. Massage it softly on your gums and lips as well. This natural tooth powder will bring back the original natural color of your teeth as well as of your darkened lips. You are advised to use it twice daily. There will be a slight yellowish/orangish tint on the teeth and gums, which will fade of in 2-40 seconds due to the presence of walnut bark which has natural hydrogen peroxide in it.

 Available Variants:

  • 70Grams



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